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Naples Bathroom Remodeling

When you’re ready to tackle a home renovation project that will make a big difference in your Naples home, Bath Solutions Etc. is ready to help you design the perfect solution. Our bathroom remodeling company partners with the industry-leading Luxury Bath brand to provide impeccable, made-in-America quality for a successful shower and tub remodel.

We’re eager to help with:

  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Shower Installation & Replacement
  • Tub Installation & Replacement
  • Bath Conversions

We’re a leading bathroom remodeling contractor across southern Florida with thousands of successful projects and a well-established brand name. We’ve been helping Naples homeowners reimagine their daily hygiene routines with quality bath renovation since 2011. Our secret is a commitment to quality and an efficient remodel process. Most installations can be completed in as little as one day.

Quality Bathroom Renovation without the Hassle

The number one reason that many homeowners avoid remodeling is that it’s inconvenient. Nobody wants to disrupt their lives for weeks or months on end with workers who come and go, making messes and limiting access to the home. That’s why we choose to focus on efficient installations using Luxury Bath products that are fabricated off-site for quick installation. To get a great bathroom remodel without the headache, choose a bathroom remodeler that can deliver great quality with a quick turnaround.

Professional Shower Installation & Replacement in Naples

We’ve got your wet areas covered with a wide range of bathtub and shower options. We can work with small bathrooms and awkward spaces or offer innovative solutions for people living with limited mobility. We’ll help you blend effortless style with the conveniences you need so that your new bathroom looks and works great! The process begins with a custom design consultation and estimate where you can choose from a wide selection of popular styles to mix and match a custom solution. Next, Luxury Bath will fabricate your products according to your specifications and ship them to your home where our trained and experienced installers will put everything in place.

Naples Tub Installation & Replacement Services

Bathtubs aren’t just for families with little kids anymore. With a selection of luxurious spa and whirlpool tubs, many adults are rediscovering the soothing relaxation of a soak in the tub. These tubs feature wider, deeper builds with optional features like water jets and temperature controls. And the luxury of at-home hydrotherapy doesn’t stop as you age. We also offer walk-in tubs that provide easy access and a range of features perfect for easing the aches and pains associated with arthritis or improving circulation.

Add the Convenience You Need with a Professional Bath Conversion in Naples

Don’t feel limited by the current design of your bathroom. With the standard five-foot by eight-foot bathroom in the majority of American homes, it’s easy to default to a bathtub with a shower combination. But we think that look is getting a little dated. It’s your home and you should feel comfortable to use it in a way that fits your needs. Maybe you would prefer to ditch the tub in favor of an extra-large walk-in shower or find a space-efficient shower stall that allows you to indulge in a separate tub for candlelit soaks. With custom bathroom conversion by Bath Solutions Etc., the choice is yours!

Learn More About Quality Bathroom Remodeling from the Best in Town

Naples homeowners can take advantage of an established local Naples bathroom remodeler that offers quality service that is so efficient, you’ll hardly notice us at all. Bath Solutions Etc. provides a range of bathroom remodeling services to fit almost any need, including tubs, showers, conversions, and full bathroom renovations. Call to schedule a free quote today.