How much time is wasted each day fumbling through a disorganized bathroom? Maybe not much, but the frustration adds up. Plus, everyone feels better when their space is neat and tidy! Below you will find some useful bathroom remodeling tips that will help the whole family live a little easier.

Clutter-Free Counters

Does counter clutter catch your eye every time you enter your bathroom? Not only does a busy countertop look messy, everything is a little more difficult—from getting ready in the morning to cleaning, you have to sift through a mound of items in order to get anything done.

Can you relate? Here are some simple things you can do to cut down on bathroom counter clutter:

·  Place your soaps onto small trays beside the bathroom sink.

·  Use a jewelry bowel for hair ties, hair pins, and other small items you use each day.

·  Organize with drawer dividers to create a designated spot for grooming items.

·  Makeup baskets keep your counters clear; you can attach them to the wall if you like.

·  Consider a wall-mounted toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispensers.

Bath and Shower Space Saving

Shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gels, shaving products, and luffas can take up a lot of space in your bathtub or shower, not to mention the injuries that ensue when heavy bottles plop down onto an unsuspecting toe. What’s the solution to a chaotic bathtub and shower? Here are a few:

·  Cut back to just one shower gel and shampoo/conditioner set at a time.

·  Use a shower caddy to hold your bottles; there are options for the corner of your shower and racks that hang on the shower head or shower rings.

·  Create a designated spot for all of your bath products such as bubble bath, face masks, essential oils, and candles.

·  Install a simple hook for your bath robes. You can also replace your towel racks with hooks to save some space.

Extra Touch: Enjoy a simpler shaving experience by installing a shower pedestal for women and a lighted shower mirror for men.

For the Kids: Store bath toys in a mesh bath toy net. This keeps their toys out of the bathtub floor and allows for proper drying, thereby reducing mildew growth.

Remodeling Consideration: If your shower is outdated or difficult to use, then a shower remodel might be in order. When you’re stuck with a tub, but you’d rather have a shower instead, a bathroom conversion is the solution you need.

Organization for Seniors

If you have limited mobility, then the first thing you might do is consider the benefits of walk-in tubs including easy entry, comfortable seating, and soothing hydrotherapy. Next, take some time to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries with these bathroom organization tips for seniors:

·  Cut down on clutter by throwing away bath gels, lotions, makeup, and other items that you don’t use or need.

·  Make daily essentials easily accessibly by storing items at eye level using baskets, jars, and drawer dividers.

·  Place towels, wash cloths, luffas, and toilet paper into a tiered floor organizer.

·  Attach soap dispensers to your shower or bath wall surround; use these in place of soap, shampoo, and conditioner bottles.

Tips for the Whole Family

Are you looking for something else? Here are some easy bathroom organization tips that the whole family can appreciate:

·  Create personalized caddies for each family member that includes daily essentials. Store under the sink for a clutter-free space.

·  If you don’t have one already, place a laundry bin in your bathroom to prevent cloths and towels from gathering on the floor.

·  Stack toilet paper in a basket or on a shelf above the toilet; no more excuses for leaving an empty toilet paper roll behind!

Your bathroom should be fun and functional for the whole family, but sometimes no amount of organization will solve the problems you face. If bathroom remodeling is the answer you need, contact Bath Solutions Etc. for a design consultation and free quote today!