A long hot soak in a deep basin tub at the end of the day can be a pinnacle relaxation point. For those with mobility issues, the thought of stepping over a high-threshold barrier can really damper those plans. Walk-in tubs provide a solution to this dilemma, but there are pro’s and con’s to having one installed. For your careful consideration, here is a compilation of the pro’s & con’s of a walk-in tub.

Assist with Aging in Place

Aging in place can be difficult if your home presents physical hazards. The fear of tripping is a leading concern among seniors living independently. Walk-in tubs eliminate the need for climbing and offer a swinging door instead. Walk-in tubs help the aging population enjoy their golden years in a familiar setting.

Increase Independence

Walk-in tubs help anyone with limited mobility and aren’t just for the elderly population. Injury and disability can also make self-care more difficult. Installing a walk-in tub can eliminate or reduce the need for bathing assistance.

Hydrotherapy Enjoyment

Walk-in bathtubs are outfitted with soothing jet systems. Seniors can get relief from arthritis and enjoy improved circulation with the relaxing benefits of hydrotherapy without the risk of climbing over a high-walled tub.

Seating Can be Customized

You can customize the seating of a walk-in tub installation. Some options include heated seating so you stay warm during the filling and draining process, which will start our review of con’s associated with this type of bathroom fixture.

Lengthy Fill & Drain Times

Though the basins provide a deep soak experience, walk-in tubs can take as long as 15 minutes to fill. Likewise, they take as long to drain. This situation needs consideration, as entering and exiting the bathtub requires time.

Increased Utility Bill

Walk-in tubs have significantly deeper basins. They then use more water than regular bathtubs increasing your monthly charges. Another consideration in this regard is your home’s water heater. Some homeowners may need to purchase a new unit that fills the tub with hot water.

Cost Considerations

Walk-in tubs offer increased independence, reduce tripping hazards, and help seniors age in place. However, they’re comparatively more expensive, ranging between $1,500 and $10,000 in addition to installation charges.

Final Thoughts

A walk-in tub provides a safer bathing experience, helping many achieve independence and enjoyment. Bath Solutions Etc. is a dedicated bathroom remodeling company committed to providing quality installations and offering flexible financing options. Get started with a free quote.