As the outdoors changes from dull and dreary to sunny and cheerful, you might get in the mood to revive the inside of your home too. Why not start with one of the most used and often neglected spaces—the bathroom?

If you’re ready to bring a little touch of spring indoors, then these bathroom brightening features might be a great place to start!

Vivid Colors

Adding a little color to your bathroom can be as simple or detailed as you want it to be. Start with a pastel color palette for inspiration. Next, decide how much change you want to make. If you’re just looking for something seasonal that will be redone in a few months, go with some new towels, fresh flowers, and bright wall hangings. If you enjoy this look and want to make it final, think about painting your walls with a complementary color.

Sparkling Showers

If your shower or bath is dingy and dirty looking, here is a natural stain-busting concoction you might want to try. For soap scum, create a paste with white vinegar and baking soda. Apply and let set for 20 minutes. Scrub and rinse thoroughly. You can also add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

When scrubbing doesn’t do the trick, there’s no need to expose yourself to harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, it might be time for a bathroom remodel. Luckily, shower replacement and tub replacement can be easier and more affordable than you might think. Plus, when you choose an acrylic bath or shower, you will enjoy an easy-clean surface that lasts for many years!

Brilliant Lighting

How’s your bathroom lighting? Some simple upgrades can make your bathroom more inviting and your daily routine easier. For example, you want vanity lighting that does not cast shadows on the face but creates even lighting for effective personal care and makeup application. You can also add task lighting above the shower. Another tip is to include wall sconces on a dimmer switch, just in case you want a more subtle and soothing atmosphere.

Polished Accessories

When was the last time you upgraded your bathroom faucets and showerhead? These features are easy to overlook but replacing them can have a drastic impact on the beauty of your bathroom, especially if they are worn out or dingy looking. You might also replace towel rings, toilet paper dispensers, and other fixtures.

While you’re thinking about bathroom accessories, this might be a good time to consider your accessibility needs. Could you benefit from safety grab bars, built-in shower seating, or a walk-in tub? Don’t risk fall-related injury. You can get the remodel you need quickly and at a fair price.

Is bathroom remodeling on your mind this spring? For quality products, fair pricing, and professional installation that’s fast and ultra-courteous, contact Bath Solutions Etc. today for a free cost estimate!